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Hello ICTrends.
In order for a page to be indexed on google search is certainly one of the desires of the bloggers. Next we present powerful tips in detail so you can follow them well especially for beginners.
The first and most important thing you need is Blog 😛, Absolutely!.

1. Sitemap

Well, first of all you need a Sitemap. For good bloggers who are still blogspot or already top level domains but still using google hosting, use this generator sitemap http://ctrlq.org/blogger/. Click the Link. 
sitemap generator
Sitemap generator.
After entering the blog url, select generate sitemap. so that the text will appear as follows.
sitemap generator result
Result of Sitemap generator.

2. Robot.txt

Now back to your blog, select Settings. This step involves Google robots when Google is crawling.
robot.txt edit
Google robot.txt

In the robot.txt section select Edit. Then you Paste all the code that you copied when using the generator sitemap.

customisasi robot.txt
Custom robot.txt
Then click Save changes.

3. Google Webmaster

Use the webmaster google / search console to ask Google to index your blog page. But before, you must register your blog / web site by selecting Add Property.
menambahkan peta situs pada search console
Menambahkan Peta Situs.

Note: Enter your complete website url and "www". 
Example https://www.situsmu.com.

After your website is registered. Then open the site you registered. and select Crawl. Select Add Sitemap.

Use the sitemap in the robot.txt, copy it to the Sitemap section starting from atom.xml.
Example: https://www.ictrends.net/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
Adding the Sitemap.
Paste in the add site map section, then select send. In this process it takes several days for Google to index all the blog pages you have. This stage you are safe, but it's good to follow the last step.

4. Fetching Google

In this step, you need a url page that you have posted before. For example https://www.ictrends.net/2018/08/pengenalan-dasar-microsoft-excel-2016.html. Use the page for Fetch.
Still in the google search console, click the section Fetch as Google.
fetching google
Adding url for Fetch as Google.
Paste your url then select Fetch. After that will appear asking for indexing. Click the button and then select this URL only. Then click send.
Minta pengindeksan google
Ask for Indexing.
Okay ... Everything is ready. Make sure the status is complete.
status indeks selesai
Make sure the status is Completed.

This step is the last part, but it's good for you to check your page whether it's indexed or not.

5. Check Pages on Search Engine Google

You can check your page on Google search engine
Complete your page url. For example: https://www.ictrends.net/2018/08/cara-agar-halaman-terindeks-google.html. 
Then paste on the google search engine, it will appear as follows.
mengecek halaman url artikel kita sudah terindeks google
Check google indexed pages.
If your article appears on Google search engine, your page has been indexed by Google.
Good luck, please ask in the comments section if there are parts that have not been understood. This method is effective, no need to ping google or anything. Please try. Thanks.


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  1. Apakah setiap saat akan muncul di halaman utama atau ada masa tenggang nya nih?

    1. Setiap saat akan berada di pencarian google

    2. Berarti gak akan tenggelam kan sama blogger orang lain? Selalu di halaman utama? gak dihalaman ke dua?

    3. hah maksudnya??
      Cara ini akan terus terindeks di pencarian google.
      oh saya tau, maksud anda berada di page 1?? itu tergantung dari seberapa sering artikel kita di kunjungi, semakin ramai traffic maka semakin terindeks di bagian teratas.